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    On Oct. 13 & Oct. 20, I had the pleasure of co-hosting two ABCD Global Gatherings that were focused on this question: How Can Community Residents and their Associations Be Leaders of...
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    By John McKnight - Co-Founder, Asset-Based Community Development Institute, Senior Associate, Kettering Foundation And Mike Butler - Retired Public Safety Chief, Longmont, Colorado...
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    New Community Funding Opportunity

    By ABCD in Action, 2021-10-20
    Data Across Sectors for Health (DASH) community funding programs are meant to support community partnerships that tackle racial justice and health equity challenges in their community by building...
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    By John Hamerlinck, 2021-09-10
    “There is one word which may serve as a rule of practice for all one's life -reciprocity.” -- Confucius In the world of community-building there may be no concept more important than...
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    One form of community organizing involves local citizens in collective action focused on issue. Issues emerge from tensions and contentions. They reflect the dissatisfaction or anger felt by...
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    Say Yes Five Times to Gifts

    By Bruce Anderson, 2021-08-02
    Say ‘Yes’ Five Times to Gifts ____________________________ Bruce Anderson • Core Gift Institute On the surface, it’s such a simple act to give a gift to another. We might lend a...
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