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    Our Brother Has Passed On

    By John L. McKnight, 2023-01-03
    I first met Jody as we were active together in the civil rights movement of the 1960's. Prior to that I think he had a job writing for Time Magazine. We came together at Northwestern University...
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    Digital assets - a "new" ABCD asset?

    By Deb Wisniewski, 2022-12-06
    I'd like to start with a story about digital assets in my small rural community during the start of COVID. Our community relies on tourism for much of our economy here. We are a busy place during...
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    Call for Papers for Themed Volume of Gateways: International Journal of Community Research and Engagement Asset-based Community Development and Community-based Research: Compatible agents in...
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    The future is Now, Today not Tomorrow 

    By Bikeke Saimon, 2022-11-12
    Listening from communities on their priority needs is essential. However, most people in leadership has not considered this as a tool for inclusive decision making in development and actions....
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    Evaluating Rural ABCD Efforts

    By John Hamerlinck, 2022-10-27
    During the recent Unconference, I participated in a session on evaluating and measuring the success of some seemingly unmeasurable ABCD efforts. In our small group discussion, I mentioned that...
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    Register for the Unconference!

    By Allison Lourash, 2022-09-11
    Sessions have been scheduled and registration is open for the 2022 ABCD Unconference. This is a free event that last 48 hours over Zoom (you do not need to attend all 48 hours). Connect with...
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