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    Ten Days that Changed the World

    By Mark Chupp, 2020-06-30
    Ten Days that Changed the World Mark Chupp June 22, 2020 Words create worlds. The power of narrative affects the future. The one that controls the narrative controls the future. We...
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    Moving from Police to Community

    By Jim Diers, 2020-06-22
    Confronted by unanticipated expenses and greatly reduced revenues due to COVID-19, local governments are searching for a way to balance their budgets. Fortunately, Black Lives Matter is showing...
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    Inventing Organisations: an emergent response to growth Power and Participation As community development workers, we invite community members in to discover ways of working together...
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    The goal of Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) is to leverage a group’s collective strengths to engage in action that leads to change. ABCD reflects an inclusion-embracing worldview, and...
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    ABCD Peer Reviewed Journnal Articles

    By Allison Lourash, 2020-06-04
    Posting this from a Facebook conversation where some students were seeking articles- specifically for assignments and such. Here is a working document that is from the Literature Review of my...
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    Community Building and Crime Prevention

    By Alan Blackshaw, 2020-06-01
    Recently, I was asked if Community Building, in particular, Asset Based Community Development, could reduce or prevent crime. My candid response was yes. The look on the questioner’s face...
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