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    Right-wing politicians are attacking programs and policies that support diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts at colleges and universities (and ultimately, all levels of education) in the...
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    ABCD Resources on Early Childhood Literacy?

    By April Doner, 2023-08-25
    Hey y'all, Does anyone have resource recommendations on ABCD and Early Childhood Literacy? I'm flying out to NY to join some library leaders around this topic in a couple of weeks...
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    ABCD Resources List

    By April Doner, 2023-08-24
    Hi all, I've put together this ABCD Resource list, in part to help myself keep track of all the great resources, videos, etc. that are explicitly on ABCD or on parallel / aligned practices...
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    ABCD Announcement

    By Kim Hopes, 2023-08-22
    New Publications added to the ABCD Institute website, Improving Health Equity through ABCD and Using Data to Tell Your Community's Story are ABCD workbooks co-authored by Darryl...
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    Host an ABCD Global Gathering

    By Kim Hopes, 2023-07-26
    Hi ABCD In Action members, Would you like to host an ABCD Global Gathering on a particular topic? These are conversations on Zoom for people to come together to talk about topics and questions...
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    Invitation to be a Regional or Topical Coordinator Hi Everyone, This year we will be offering the ABCD world a series of regional &/or topical sessions, hosted and led by...
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