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Community News

» Our forum is the place you want to connect with each other. Check out the categories of conversations in the forum and share your thoughts... Tell us what you're working on. What's the biggest challenge you face? What can others help you with? Find topics that interest you and respond. We're here for each other!
1 topics ABCD in Action

Connecting to each other

» This forum category is for any and all discussions that don't clearly fall into another category but that serve to connect us in this online community. It's a place for us to get to know each other better and to dive into those deeper discussions. It's also a great place to tell jokes. Join us in connecting to each other.
3 topics Deb Wisniewski

About ABCD in Action & How do I....?

» Questions, answers, and information about this online community. We'll try to share various tips and tricks about using this platform as well.
27 topics Magdalena Valderrama Hurwitz

ABCD - Getting Started/Challenges

» Do you have questions about how to use ABCD? Maybe you're just getting started with organizing your community and aren't sure where to start... Maybe you've run into a challenge and would like some help.
8 topics Wendy McCaig

Asset Mapping & Gift Inventories

» What is Asset-Mapping? What are Gift Inventories? What tools do you use? How do you use them?
11 topics Katie Reineke

ABCD and Institutions (Universities, Hospitals, Government, Libraries, NGOs, etc.)

» Questions and conversations about how Local Institutions and Communities can work together and build partnerships that have effectively employ ABCD principles.
7 topics Garrett Mason

Connect Locally

» Looking for someone who's interested in or using ABCD in your part of the world? Connect here or check out Groups page: If you don't see a group from your part of the world and want to start one, let us know!
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Tips, Tools, Strategies, and Technology

» Simple ideas or complex technology? Tools may be as simple as a talking stick or as complex as a shared online platform that matches gifts and needs (e.g., Timebanks). Share ideas, questions and conversations about useful tips, tools, strategies, and technology that people can use with their communities.
19 topics ABCD in Action


» Share training resources, ask for feedback on your curriculum, and connect with others who are doing training.
3 topics Deb Wisniewski

Working in the Gap

» Are you interested in how we can work "in the gap" between institutions and communities? How can you work for an institution and yet support local neighbors and associations as the leaders of change in their communities?
5 topics Daniel Morali

Job Openings

» Job listings are not moderated or vetted, so all risk is assumed by the parties to the transaction.