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Asset Based Community and Youth Development

Asset Based Community and Youth Development

Monday November 20 2017, 9:00 AM
@ Humanity Matters and Bankstown Multicultural Youth...

The workshop will focus on how to unleash youth leadership in a community - for now, not the future. ABCD is both a youth leadership identification tool AND a tool youth can use to lead. Proper support from adults is critical and we will look at the Youth Power Ladder and what it means for adult supporters.

Participants will
* Discover new ways youth can be community leaders
* Expand their vision of leadership
* Learn how to identify and engage leadership in young people
* Learn techniques for creating space for youth leaders to emerge in a community
* Learn how to use the Youth Power Ladder to assess the potential for any given program to cultivate or suppress youth leadership potential.
*Learn how to use a variety of intergenerational tools and techniques to create understanding between adults and young people in a community.

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