Prettify your Township / Out of the Box Skills Development Centre

Prettify your Township / Out of the Box Skills Development Centre

Saturday August 12 2017, 6:03 AM
@ The Pavilion, Refinery Road, corner of Power Street,...
Attendees:  @Anne Timms

Inviting volunteers  to stop by for an hour or two from 09:00 onwards to help us paint the Out of the Box wall in graffiti style. The Prettify your Township Team - have started painting the mural the already and we want to finish it on the 12th of August.  It is such a great opportunity to volunteer and do something meaningful for the local community on a Saturday Morning!!! See you there!


Dee Brooks
08/13/17 05:35:19PM @dee-brooks:

How did it go, Anne?

Being part of the Prettify your Township team was one of my favourite memories from spending time with you and your family! Such a beautiful way of walking the ABCD talk! 

Anne Timms
About Anne Timms

Social Entrepreneur and GIBS Alumni with 31 years' experience in Business Development and Incubation, Coaching and Mentoring;
Socio-Economic Development (SED); Local Economic Development (LED); Private, Public Participation (PPP); Socio-Economic Surveys and Research; Poverty Eradication; Enterprise Development (ED), Entrepreneurship and Livelihood Development; Accredited and Portable Skills, Life Skills, Personal Mastery and Leadership Development; Project Management; Communication, Event Management and Marketing; Certified facilitator in Early Childhood Development (ECD); Asset Based Community Development (ABCD); Truth about Trust ; Neuro-Linguistic Programme (NLP); Poverty Stoplight's Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) Tool.  Philanthropist and Chairperson of Prettify our Township (NPO) and a board member of Jewels of Hope.  Director of SPACE for Impact.  CEO of Impactor Business Accelerator Pty Ltd.  .