• Global Gatherings

    Host an ABCD Global Gathering

    By Kim Hopes, 2023-07-26

    Hi ABCD In Action members,

    Would you like to host an ABCD Global Gathering on a particular topic? These are conversations on Zoom for people to come together to talk about topics and questions they care about. Do you have ideas for future Gatherings? Let us know and we will help you get started.

    • Come up with a topic and choose a date and time.
    • Post it on the events calendar
      • Click on the “Events" tab on your profile page and then click “+” to the right of the word “Events”
      • Fill out the form and submit
    • Reach out to Kim or Dharmik at the ABCD Institute (admin@abcdinstitute.org) if you need access to a Zoom link for your call.