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12/04/20 08:03:03AM
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ABCD Underpinning Campus Experiential Learning Initiative

ABCD and Higher Education

Hi Alan,

I am really interested in what you are doing.  I have not used ABCD in my community partnership work  --I am familiar with it from other parts of my life. I teach at Drexel in Philadelphia; also did a lot of CBL/experiential teaching in my former institution, Drew U.  I am very interested in how ABCD or any other framework for action gets successfully integrated in these kinds of partnerships. It does seem that the openness of ABCD means that we can honor where people are, and worry less about whether or not they have the critical lenses we hope they have. That comes in the doing.  As a scholar of rhetoric I am constantly aware of the never-ending creative and strategic acuity that it takes to do this kind of work. 

I am sure your allies are emerging!

Reach out if you would like; I'm interested in what you're learning about ABCD in higher ed.

Liz Kimball