ToP Facilitation Methods

ToP Facilitation Methods

Thursday May 17 2018, 8:30 AM
@ 2100 Building, Seattle, WA

Learn three proven ways to activate group participation in this nationally-recognized, two day course, developed by the Institute for Cultural Affairs. Hands-on practice helps you discover practical uses in your life and work. Participants work individually and in small groups to see Technology of Participation (ToP) Methods in action, and then have the opportunity to practice facilitating in class.

ToP Methods have been used all over the globe to develop social capital, improve stakeholder engagement, and map and analyze community assets. These are great tools for ABCD folks!

Visit for more information and to register. If you're outside the Pacific Northwest, check out our ToP training site for courses nationwide at

04/07/18 08:02:22AM @bergdall:

Glad to see you posting this, Sherry. I think all ABCD practitioners would benefit enormously from the foundational training in facilitation skills one can acquired via ToP. Best wishes, Terry

Sherry Pofahl Johnson