April Doner
I'm an ABCD practitioner, storyteller / roving illustrator and coach / consultant based in Indianapolis, IN. I was drawn to community and knowing peoples' gifts from a very young age, but found the words that matched my passion in college in 2005 when my favorite Sociology professor handed me the "big green book" (McKnight & Kretzmann's original ABCD book.) I practice ABCD in my own neighborhood and most recently have been leading a national project coaching capturing learnings from museums and libraries who are engaging with their communities using an ABCD framework. I have a wonderful 3 year old daughter and also enjoy exploring how ABCD helps parents, children and families thrive through my own experiments in cultivating neighborly mutuality in my own life.

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ABCD Resources List

user image 2023-08-24
By: April Doner
Posted in: Reflections and Ideas

Hi all,

I've put together this ABCD Resource list, in part to help myself keep track of all the great resources, videos, etc. that are explicitly on ABCD or on parallel / aligned practices and ideas.


Wanted to share with everyone -- and also invite you to send me anything you think should be included!


Eric R Smith
05/27/24 11:30:41AM @eric-r-smith:

This is amazing, thank you, April!

Michelle Duffy
03/10/24 01:08:11PM @michelle-duffy:

Thank you :-)

Fasoranti Damilola
12/02/23 09:34:58AM @fasoranti-damilola:
I did a TEDx - How to start with gifts not needs. What's strong, not what is wrong. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ectGS_90x3o&t=196s&pp=ygUSZGFtaWxvbGEgZmFzb3JhbnRp