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Our success story began from the ABCD approach

user image 2018-01-03
By: charles esibikhwa edward
Posted in: Reflections and Ideas
Our success story began from the ABCD approach

Kenya just grew recently from a third world country to a developing one. The country is still relying so much on Aid and handouts from the actors of development. This has indeed created a dependency syndrome by individuals and organization. Even as development actors are now advocating for investment and business for Non-Profit organization, many of them have not come out of this mentality. Of-course with dependency to Aid then most of the projects are structured according to the donors and not the communities where the projects are curried out.This projects turn out to be "white elephants". When we began using the ABCD approach,we were not sure whether this idea was ideal for our environment where people depend much on handouts. We studied it,believed in it and gave it a trial. Today as we begin 2018 we celebrate our first project that we launched last month. This project began through community conversations with young people who believed that for them to succeed they needed to walk a path of grownups who have succeeded in the same field, of-course with the grownups guiding them on this paths. It's quite simple, people will always act on what they love doing. Today as celebrate our mentorship project we carry with us a success story of ABCD approach to development. We thank each and everyone who took part in our mentorship launch. More thanks to our partners AURORA YOUTH OPTION for attending and actively taking part in the launch.