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Deb Wisniewski
05/02/12 08:45:48AM @deb-wisniewski:

Welcome to ABCD in Action, Charles -

You have some interesting questions. I'm not sure I have a complete answer for you, but maybe some ideas. I'm not aware of any particular funding programs for ABCD.... You can explore the ABCD Institutewebsite for information about resources, stories, etc. They may also have some ideas about funding if you contact them.

There are a number of people who do ABCD training (ABCD Faculty and Fellows). I'm not sure off the top of my head who has done work in your part of the world. Each person has his or her own approach, focus, etc. The ABCD Institute may be able to give you some ideas about that.

We hope you'll look around ABCD in Action - this online community is a great place to learn more, make connections, ask questions. We're glad you're here.