Seeking ABCD partner for EU-funded project

11 months ago
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I found out about ABCD recently during an internet research about community development (initial point of contact was Cormac Russell’s TEDx Talk). I think this approach is right for an EU-funded project that I am preparing. The project seeks to support community based tourism in the Danube region, especially where tourism is not very well developed yet – and to use ABCD for generating the specific local developments going. However, we want the approach to scale, so it is not really an option that the community builders are paid project staff. For a handful of pilot communities that we identify at the beginning, it’s an option to execute the process with project resources, but as we move along, we want to scale it by recruiting and training community builders from among the stakeholder network of each community that we identify, and those community builders then work with the communities. We are looking for a partner with experience in ABCD, who could a) participate in developing this project proposal and b) help set up a scalable ABCD community building process as community builder, trainer, and mentor.


My long-winded question is this: Does anyone here happen to know an organization specializing in community building with ABCD in one of the countries [1] that participate in the Interreg Danube program and that might be interested in joining our project in that role?


Thank you and best regards


Florian Kleedorfer

Research Studios Austria FG