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Greetings! I'm a connector... I love to help people connect to each other, to share their ideas and to get involved in in their communities. I'm also a Faculty member of the ABCD Institute and a co-founder of ABCD in Action.

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ABCD Festival Scholarships - Apply Now!

user image 2015-04-01
By: Deb Wisniewski
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The deadline for this offer has been extended! We are also currently checking to see if any of the scholarships areavailableoutside of North America. Please contact Deb Wisniewski ( or Caroline Tomlinson ( let us know if you're interested in a scholarship.

Are you interested in attending the ABCD Festivalin England this coming June, but aren't sure you could afford it? Good news for people in North America! An anonymous North American corporate sponsor is offering partial scholarships for the conference.

But you must act now! Please contact Caroline Tomlinson ( since the funds must be completely accounted for by the end of March. Caroline will also answer any questions you may have.

Details of the scholarships:

The total cost for booking with a scholarship will be 160.00 (decreased from the full cost, which is380.00) . This will cover your conference fee, food, accommodation, and entertainment for the whole five days. Unfortunately it cannot be extended to travel.

The conditions are simple:

  • You've got to be from somewhere in North America and an ABCD Enthusiast;
  • You've got to be prepared to share with four other people you don't know, or self-organise into a group of five and contact Caroline as a group;
  • You've got to ask yourself could you possibly get support from somewhere else, such as institutional support-if the answer is no, you're in
  • Ask yourself: 'could some else do with one of these places more than me?' if the answer is yes, self deselect, and encourage that person to apply. (or you could both apply!)
  • Must complete all payment and arrangements by March 29th.

Festival organizers will not be policing the above criteria. They are doing this completely on trust and a code of honour among friends.

If you're not sure about whether you would be eligible for a scholarship, I encourage you to connect with Caroline since we want to be sure that none go unused!