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Multihome-Dwelling-Complexes (eg. apartment, townhouse & village) where 70% of people live

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By: Douglas Jack
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Multihome-Dwelling-Complexes (eg. apartment, townhouse & village) where 70% of people live

ORGANIZING FROM THE TREE-ROOTS (recognizing & employing our own resources)

The following blog is not definitive as to all humanity's indigenous heritage, but represents 56 years of solidarity living, work & study with Turtle-Island (North-American) First Nations as well as 'indigenous' (Latin 'self-generating') peoples worldwide. All humanity are originally indigenous but we have been violently coerced, not to know our ancient productive & peaceful indigenous heritage.

Multihome-Dwelling-Complexes form a place of engagement for individuals, families, extended families & neighbours wanting to create ABCD 'community' (Latin 'com' = 'together' + 'munus' = 'gift-or-service'). We add 'E' for 'economy' (Greek 'oikos' = 'home' + 'namein' = 'care-&-nurture') to create ABCDE. The Collective 'Domestic' (household) economies among us for the essential goods & services, which we include everyday, are typically not accounted for nor organized in our top-down 'exogenous' (L 'other-generated') economy, but are the foundation of indigenous economy. Domestic economy is equivalent in value to both industrial & commercial economies combined.  ~100 person Multihomes (eg. Longhouse-apartment, Pueblo-townhouse & Kanata-village) were the 'fractal' ('building-block, multipliers, where-the-part-contains-the-whole') foundation of all humanity's worldwide 'indigenous' 'economy' on every continent & island of the world among all nations. All of the modalities included in this program are inspired by & sourced from all humanity's worldwide indigenous economy tradition.

Today 70% of people, worldwide & in the Americas, live in multihomes. The average size of multihomes is 32 dwelling units or ~100 people. However, being institutionally indoctrinated in this top-down oligarch owned colonial 'exogenous' (L 'other-generated') society are disconnected socially & economically without knowing how to animate ourselves, where we live & work, from the bottom-up. Yes, there is, as some 15 US Presidents & leaders have testified, an 'exogenous' trickledown Finance-Media-Religion-Education-Military-Industrial-Legislative-Judicial-Complex, which secretly rules over us. This complex has for 5000 years conquered, colonized, commanded, controlled & destroyed each disposable empire after empire, transformed as economic & ecological failures into deserts, before moving on to the next greener 'indigenous' area. Beholding & brainwashed by this oligarch-cabal Complex, forcefully colonized humanity haven't known how to account-for, recognize, valorize & empower each other for our complementary gifts as a Circular Economy as our indigenous ancestors before us through accounting recognition & celebration for the gifts of each stakeholder. Time-based (universal human denominator of value) equivalency accounting upon the ancient String-Shell (eg. Wampum in North America, Quipu in S. America, Cowrie in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia & all the islands) enabled, valorized & empowered the multi-stakeholder contributions of all Workers, Managers, Suppliers, Consumers, Townspeople etc.

About 20% of people in Multihomes are intergenerational extended families, where family & friends have moved into the proximity of multihomes in order to share & care their complementary gifts with each other, sometime housed in the same building or in surrounding multihomes or streets. ~100 person Multihomes represent walking proximity within intimate, intergenerational female-male, interdisciplinary, critical-mass, economies-of-scale for Relational Economy collaboration.

'DO-WE-KNOW-WHO-WE-ARE-?' is a web-based neighbourhood economy software program as a tool for community-building 'animists' (animators) to 1) Catalogue local individual, group & business: talents, goods, services, resources & dreams. 2) Map or geolocate these human & physical resources for access & exchange. 3) Account for individual & organizational contributions, investments & exchanges. Individuals buy & sell with each other as a base neighbourhood internal economy. Most transactions given our present system are in money, but it is possible for someone with talents, goods & resources to also sell these & gain credits within the system, with which they can buy & develop ownership. Vendors (people or businesses selling) are charged 7% of each transaction as an administrative fee for local organizers. Each Vendor is required to invest 8% of each transaction into the neighbourhood organizing entity as MEM, which include: a) eventual compensating purchase or cash value, b) progressive voting rights per MEM, c) transferability as 'capital' (L 'cap' = 'head' = 'collective-intelligence') into one's own or group business & other organized benefits.

Indigene Community's credit-unit (accounting-unit) is called the 'MEM' (Gk 'mnemosis' = 'memory' = origin of 'money') tied to the rate of Minimum Wage established within each jurisdiction, but as well rate-adjustable by any organizing group. MEMs in the tradition of the indigenous String-shell used in Production-Society-Guilds represent: a) Capital, b) Currency (flow), c) Condolence (social-security insurance), d) Collegial mentored-apprenticeship educational Credit, e) time-math Communication, f) professional Costume identification of expertise.

PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATION. As individual multihome & neighbourhood residents find each other to buy, sell, organize & invest with each other in our own inherent capacities, some 'companies' (L 'com' = 'together' + 'pan' = 'bread') will form to engage their complementary talents, goods & services in systems of Progressive-Ownership & Decision-making authority. As individuals contribute, they enter their contributions onto a web-based time-or-task sheet, verified according to their contract commitment. The inherent cycle of: 'Contribution' = 'experience' = 'expertise' = 'decision-making acumen' along with inherent study & reflection, means the local organization is wisely governed by experience.

'EDUCATION' (L 'to-lead-forth-from-within')

Indigenous youth, pre-invasion & colonization genocide, were afforded both their Vision-Quest, to find their inherent gift to community, as well as often one-on-one mentored-apprenticeships in the field of their choice, with an emphasis on 'laboratory' applications in the real world. During humanity's indigenous period, youth were facilitated to go on 'Vision-Quests' (dreaming, fasting, walking, working etc.) finding their gifts for 'community' in their own hearts. Youth would align with specialized Production-Society-Guilds & while contributing to economic life, be mentored to develop their gifts. Time-based human-resource capital (share) accounting within Production-Society-Guilds gave recognition to the knowledge cycle of each person.

Typically youth, once having identified life's vision, would engage in Production-Society-Guilds in apprenticeship to Masters & whole Guilds.


Here are description for the principles & processes of Multistakeholder Participatory governance as Rateable Non-Profit (& for-profit) Corporations. as well as La Formule cooperative renouvellee or the Cooperative formula renewed