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09/25/19 04:52:05AM
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Who Are You? Why are you here?

ABCD and Inclusive Communities/People with Disabilities

Hi Everyone, 

I'm Louie and I am based in Leeds, UK. I am employed part time through a local charity called Touchstone but my role is paid for as part of the city wide ABCD work across the city. My role is primarily to develop knowledge and deepen understanding across all agencies in the city. Basically I am paid to talk and learn about ABCD! 

The Objectives of the city wide approach are to:

  • articulate the Leeds ABCD model, what and how it works, in a simple Theory of Change linked to evidence
  • gather quantitative and qualitative data on processes and impacts at individual, community and organisational levels
  • facilitate shared learning on the development, implementation, leadership and evaluation of Leeds ABCD
  • establish with LCC community-friendly monitoring systems that can track progress
  • develop a collaborative bid for further research funding for a longer-term evaluation of the Leeds ABCD model.

I am also a trans man and own my own Community Interest Company called Learnest, our company works to promote opportunities for LGBT people to use their skills and find meaningful employment. In Learnest we have embedded ABCD principles at the heart of our company and I am very interested in the power of ABCD to support otherwise marginalised communities to thrive in their neighbourhoods. I have seen the power neighbourhood solidarity can have on a persons sense of belonging, safety and trust and believe ABCD approaches are essential in thinking about human rights at a localised level. 

Anyway, I am really happy to be here and I have been invited to start a discussion about ABCD for LGBT communities. I look forward to interacting/learning from you all.