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I am a people person, I love to bake and volunteers for anything

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To be connected to others who are doing ABCD work

Democracy - Governing Organization Doing "With" NOT "For"

Democracy - Governing Organization Doing "With" NOT "For"

Wednesday April 7 2021, 3:30 PM
@ Free Webinar at 2:30 EST

So how do we ensure citizens are involved in developing the solutions that impact them and their communities? We are so excited that John McKnight will be in discussion with David Mathews from the Kettering Foundation for a discussion on how governing institutions can shift from doing “for” the people to doing “with” the people.

In his recent book, With the People - An Introduction to an Idea, David highlights what can be accomplished when people work hand-in-hand with the institutions created to serve them. We need governing institutions working effectively to deal with crises like this pandemic but we cannot have that without their work being reinforced by the work citizens do.

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