Janine Ward
Passionate about coming alongside others to find their strengths and gifts!

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South Africa

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I love sharing knowledge and experience with people from various backgrounds and countries

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Collaborating and connecting with like-minded people

ABCD in South Africa

user image 2022-08-11
By: Janine Ward
Posted in: News and Announcements

Hello to everyone and a special shout-out to my fellow ABCD colleagues in Mzansi (South Africa)! I just want to invite you all to join our Mzansi ABCD Magic WhatsApp group, where we share success stories, ask development questions and connect with like-minded people around ABCD. Do drop me a message on +2782 956 0048 or my email jwinspace@gmail.com so that I can add you to the group.

Have a beautiful asset-filled day!