Janine Ward
Passionate about coming alongside others to find their strengths and gifts!

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South Africa

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I love sharing knowledge and experience with people from various backgrounds and countries

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Collaborating and connecting with like-minded people

ABCD Certificate Programme 2023

user image 2022-11-22
By: Janine Ward
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I am excited to be in Johannesburg for this week as Prof Hanna Nel and myself get the next cohort of community practitioners going on the Certificate Programme in Community Development & ABCD at the University of Johannesburg! We have a great diverse group of government, NPO sector and private delegates, and the first 3-day Module kicks off tomorrow.


Janine Ward
12/15/22 03:07:27AM @janine-ward:

Hi Joana, thanks for asking! We had a great first 3 days with Module 1 and we look forward to the next module which will be in Feb 2023