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An Overview of Richland Together Let's Connect

An overview of what Richland Together Let's Connect is, has done, and what it may look like in 5 year.


Kim Hopes
09/04/14 01:28:27PM @kim-hopes:

You are very welcome. Please also check out new videos posted on the ABCD Institute website ( under training videos!

Magdalena Valderrama Hurwitz
09/04/14 12:52:55PM @magdalena-valderrama-hurwitz:

Thank you so much for posting this. I made myself a spreadsheet library of useful ABCD videos and inadvertently deleted it some months back. When I went to Youtube to try and relocate this video, none of the keywords I could think of led me to the Richland Together Let's Connect. You're a lifesaver.

Kim Hopes
12/06/12 03:33:49PM @kim-hopes:
John McKnight asked me to post this video showing what the Active Aging Research Center in Richland County Wisconsin has been doing with ABCD activities, principles and ideas.