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Michelle Dunscombe
@michelle-dunscombe • one month ago • comments: 5
Posted a new Comment on @michael-hillier:
"[quote="Michael Hillier"] Thanks Michelle for the email. I am free next week for a chat. My mobile is 0418139515 I'd be keen to know how I can contribute to..."
Michelle Dunscombe
@michelle-dunscombe • one month ago • comments: 5
Posted a new Comment on @michael-hillier:
"Hi Michael, Welcome to ABCD in Action it's great to have you join us. You are definitely speaking my language. I have been involved with the Neighbourhood..."
Michelle Dunscombe
@michelle-dunscombe • 8 months ago • comments: 2
Posted a new Comment on ABCD - Discoverables not Deliverable: how to ignite locally-led action:
"Hi Mary Kay, The workshop series is designed for people or organisations that have little or no experience in Asset Based Community Development and are..."
Michelle Dunscombe
@michelle-dunscombe • 9 months ago
Michelle Dunscombe
Michelle Dunscombe
Michelle Dunscombe
Michelle Dunscombe
@michelle-dunscombe • last year • comments: 0
Posted a new blog:
Call for Stories: Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) edition of IACD’s Practice Insights Magazine
The next issue of Practice Insights Magazine will focus on the Stories of ABCD, in collaboration with the ABCD Institute. What is ABCD? Asset-based Community...
Michelle Dunscombe
Michelle Dunscombe

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Raziya Saheem
03/23/16 05:50:11AM @raziya-saheem:

thanks Michelle, you girls seem like a good team. nice to join and get more feed backs from you all.

South Central Community FSC
01/24/16 08:27:39PM @south-central-community-fsc:

Dear Michelle,

Thanks to you and Dee for your comments! My name is Mamta - I'm the researcher here at our centre and facilitating on this platform, on behalf of my organization. We're definitely keen to learn more about the sort of training and resources you offer. Please do tell me more about your work. Also, just to get a sense, what are your dates of visit to Singapore in March? I'm happy to share this information with my centre's director and get this exchange going if it works for us.

Looking forward to your reply, thanks so much.

Alan Blackshaw
10/26/15 07:39:32PM @alan-blackshaw:


My vision would also be for ABCD to be adopted across the organization.

At present my focus is continuing to encourage my team to critically think about the activities they are engaged in through the lens of ABCD and to continue to strive to work from the bottom up.