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South Africa

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Poetry,Carpentry,fixing bicycles,teaching kids about sustainable life,Gardening(food forests,landscaping,organic,permaculture and hugelculture,tree cuttings,and much more)

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To connect to like minded individuals who are community change makers and solution driven society

MisT With Green Fingers Teaching the future about Sustainibility and the importance of plants

category: People & Blogs
Duration: 00:02:10


Giselle Soldati
11/09/23 10:32:04PM @giselle-soldati:

I love this video and to see how beautiful and green Mis T’s garden looks! 

It reminded me of when we took small trips with our father in Brazil to the country, and he would teach us the name and function of every plant we encountered… I would love to reconnect with nature and learn how to build a more sustainable urban garden in my neighborhood, San Pedro, CA.