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Organizing Neighborhoods for Emergency Response

Organizing Neighborhoods for Emergency Response

Monday August 19 2019, 9:30 AM
@ New Orleans, LA

Based on the article: When Disaster Hits, Your First Responder will Probably be Your Neighbor, this two-day course will provide information in two parts. First, volunteer management training topics will focus on designing and developing an emergency management program plan to address organization and management of volunteers in emergency response, engaging the community, volunteer operations, logistics, communication and records administration. The course includes a model management structure led by Block Captains and compatible with the Incident Command System used by emergency responders. Second, this course will teach participants fundamental ABCD-based community organizing and leadership strategies and skills to create strong, localized social networks that can increase the response and recovery resiliency of a community when hit by a natural or ‘human-made’ disaster. Come and learn how your organization can be better prepared by managing volunteers for emergency response. (This is part of a larger community development conference with a variety of other interesting courses.  Participants can sign up for 1-3 courses over 1-5 days.)



Angie K
08/07/19 10:49:08AM @angie-k:

Hi Ron.

I have completed my CISM training and ICS-100 and have ICS-200 in process right now.  I have worked with our local COAD in leadership roles for 7 years.  With the help of our local EMA director and a Red Cross Liaison, we just rolled out what we call our YOYO (You're On Your Own) Protocol.  The Action Plan we will carry out between the time of the incident and the time first responders arrive.  We often see that to be a good 2 hour window.  We just had a boots on the ground 4-county exercise.  Our county was the only one that has a COAD in place and our YOYO protocol worked amazingly well for a first roll-out.  I definitely used my knowledge of ABCD when writing the YOYO Protocol!  

I sure wish I could come to the training, but I can't get away.  Any chance this could be a webinar at some point?  I would have our COAD participate.



Magdalena Valderrama Hurwitz
07/17/19 01:00:11PM @magdalena-valderrama-hurwitz:

Wow - if this could be a webinar, that would be awesome! In Lake County, California, wildfire country, we are nearly four years into recovery from the first set of fires and gearing up for the next season. About 50 or so of us attended a FEMA MGT 415 Disaster Recovery In Rural Communities workshop so we have a better idea of the involvement of Incident Command. And there are lots of problems to overcome at the county level as well as neighborhood levels in a place that's been hit hard each year since 2015. Good luck, and hope to hear more!