Who's your 100th Monkey?

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12 years ago
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Hi All,

I've been thinking alot lately about community leadership; the mechanics, the source, the tipping point of change...

It reminded me of a conversation I had with Ted Smeaton, of Inspiring Communities a while ago where we were discussing the shifting nature of working with communities over the years and the implications of this for positive change...

We briefly discussed the100th Monkey Principle which has prompted me to ask:

Is there a tipping point in community work?

In addition, Graeme Stuart ofThe Family Action Centre & theSustaining Community Engagement blog, and I, have been increasingly discussing community connectors, or leaders, with workshop participants and have also been considering the 3 personality types as discussed in Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point

So, this got me wondering... and I want to ask you now:

Have you witnessed a community tipping point?

How did you know it was happening? Did your spidey-senses tingle?

Or was it something you identified in hindsight?

Do you know a Maven, Connector or Salesman?

How do you identify them?

Who's your 100th Monkey?

Happy Mapping, Linking, Connecting!



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