Sparks! An open-source collection of social change quotes

ABCD in Action
ABCD in Action
4 years ago
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From Al Etmanski:

I am writing to let you know that with the help of many people I have started a new website devoted exclusively to social change quotations. The collection is called SPARKS! It seeks to amplify the voices of women, Indigenous people and those who experience disability.

It is not yet the world’s largest collection of social change quotes. But, with your help, I hope it will be. So please spread the word. 

The website is “open source” which means you are invited to add to the collection by submitting your favourite quotations.

It is also “minimum specs,” which means there are roughly 2000 quotes in 80 categories. I’d appreciate your feedback on the usefulness and accessibility of the design. Let me know if you spot any errors or what changes you would make.

As someone who has subscribed to my weekly blogs you will know that I end every post with a quotation. Whenever I sit down to write I make sure that I am surrounded by quotations. They shine a light on what I am trying to write.

May these quotations light your way too!

Thanks and take care,


Wendy McCaig
Wendy McCaig
4 years ago
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Thanks for sharing!  We will check it out.