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Session 8 - Born to stand out: seeking knowledge & truth-telling through hip hop

category: People & Blogs
Duration: 00:58:07
Through the theme of ‘Born to Stand Out’; the sub-topics addressed in this
presentation are cultural affiliations with African roots, the consciousness-raising journey as it pertains to identity politics whilst exploring key-themes of place based sub-cultures through urban youth hip hop cultures. This knowledge of society as expressed through identity politics has had practical applications in the lands, we now call Australia for African diaspora hip hop artists who seek to carve out space through the notion of being ‘Born to Stand Out’. In this context, ‘consciousness raising’ through
hip hop expression involves the juxtaposition of ideas and narratives in order to communicate the message of the movement and to inspire action. Co-facilitators will tell stories of the consciousness-raising journey - from camps, to flash performances and festivals to the Channel 7 protest.

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