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Session 12 - ABCD Asia Pacific Network: the original story and beyond

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Duration: 00:32:26
In 2007 the ABCD Asia Pacific Network was founded in Melbourne, Australia at the Bank of IDEAS Power to the People Conference by 8 practitioners and delivered workshops and training across Australia for the next few years. In 2008 and 2010, two conferences were hosted by the Family Action Centre at the University of Newcastle which showcased community-led work, projects, and initiatives from around the Asia Pacific region. With 400 members, the Network slowed down when two of the founding members left the Family Action Centre and the Network became more of a touchstone, or contact site, for people who were seeking information, connections, and resources although, continue to support global initiatives like the online ABCD
Unconference and the upcoming ABCD E-Book. This year, in 2021, another 8
practitioners (including one founding member) decided to breathe new life into the Network and relaunched the ABCD Asia Pacific Network 2.0 by becoming incorporated and voting in a Board of Management.

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