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    Community Quilting: Building Community One “Square” at a Time Washington Island is a small Wisconsin community of about 700 full-time residents located on an island in Lake Michigan....
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    When most people think of safety or a safe street they tend to think of a place with low crime rates and when they consider how to make a street a safe place most think about the physical...
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    Further Thoughts on Crime Prevention

    By Alan Blackshaw, 2020-07-01
    A few further thoughts on the importance of community building and crime prevention or community safety. Perceptions of crime and fear of crime are powerful driving forces with people often...
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    Friends - I know you and those in your community are doing brilliant, kind, creative things right now -- even the seemingly smallest things -- to respond to the current pandemic using the...
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    Podcast #8: Nicky Wilks and Journeymen Institute

    By Bruce Anderson, 2020-04-13
    Nicky Wilks, Director of Journeymen Institute outside Seattle, Washington. Conversation about helping young people discover their innate gifts and identity, and how older people can engage in...
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    Transformed by a New Mindset

    By Jim Moynihan, 2020-04-13
    OneChurch helps churches serve their neighbors and support local leaders. Rather than doing things FOR the community, OneChurch shows churches how to build relationships by doing ministry in...
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