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    Health navigators

    By Ruben L Medina, 2017-12-05
    I have been working with the Stapleton Foundation in Aurora, Co. I work with their be well health and wellness initiative .We have worked on a project to get community members to become advocates...
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    Building Inclusive Community

    By Jim Diers, 2017-12-04
    I like to think of myself as a community builder, but I know that community isn’t necessarily a good. A community is simply a group of people who identify with and support one another. Most...
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    Facilitating Communities of Opportunity

    By Lori Stanlick, 2017-12-03
    Hello fellows!  Looking forward to the time when we all meet again and exchange stories in person.   In the meantime.....I thought I'd share how we are utilizing the principles of ABCD in the...
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    By Jim Diers, 2017-06-20
    At the turn of this century, Robert Putnam wrote the most depressing book for those of us who believe that there is no substitute for community. Putnam cited all sorts of indicators of the...
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    A story on asset mapping by NGAO Society/ABCD KENYA.

    By charles esibikhwa edward, 2017-05-26
    Traditional Soda Ash Production NGAO Society/ABCD Kenya has just embarked on a journey to map the assets, strength and capacities of individuals, associations and institutions within...
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    Montréal is the second largest city in Canada. Throughout its 375-year history, Montréal has experienced several transformations.  Multiple waves of immigration have contributed to making...
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