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Michelle Dunscombe
11/17/15 11:26:51PM @michelle-dunscombe:


Message me or email me at michelle@jeder.com.au at any time.


Michelle Dunscombe
11/17/15 04:04:18PM @michelle-dunscombe:

Hi Tammi,

Welcome to ABCD in Action as a fellow Aussie I'm happy to support your exploration of ABCD. I'd love to hear about the work you are doing. There are many who have used ABCD in Indigenous communities. You may like to joinABCD Asia Pacificto share your stories.

Feel free to message me if you want to chat or bounce around some ideas.



Deb Wisniewski
11/13/15 10:00:30AM @deb-wisniewski:

Welcome Tammi to ABCD in Action-

I hope you will find a lot of connections here - to some great people, to stimulating ideas and to questions & stories that inspire you.

Let us know if you have any questions about participating in this online community. We're glad you're here!


On behalf of the stewardship team