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ABCD in Action News: Feb. 27, 2015

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Greetings from ABCD inAction!

If you haven't visited ABCD in Action recently, it may be time for you to stop by and see what's happening. With over 1300 members from more than 50 countries, this unique online community about Asset-Based Community Development is a great place to share ideas, ask questions, and make connections. Here is just a sampling of what's been happening lately on ABCD in Action:

"Working in the Gap"

Over the last several years, a new concept has been evolving within ABCD practice. Known as "working in the gap," it attempts to capture the work of individuals and organizations that are trying to bridge the "gap" between community and institutions. A group of ABCD practitioners and leaders are trying to understand this concept in practice and we are inviting you to join the conversation.

We are starting with a blog that attempts to describe what "working in the gap" means to us. We also have posted a initial conversation asking what it means to be a "gapper." We're hoping you will read, ponder, converse and contribute your thoughts about what working in the gap means to you.

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