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ABCD in Action News: May 15, 2015

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Connect, Learn, Share!

ABCD Festival 2015

The ABCD Festival starts a month from today! Are you signed up to go? You can learn more about the Festival and book your place by going to the ABCD Festival 2015 website.

What are your hopes for the Festival? What would you like to talk about at the Festival? What questions do you have? Share your thoughts in this conversationon ABCD in Action.

"Working in the Gap"

This month we're continuing our conversations about "Working in the Gap" by asking this question: Can people learn to do gap work? Or do you need to be a "natural'?What kind of learning supports gappers (either trained gappers or natural gappers)? Share you perspective.

You can also listen to a recording of the conversation about "working in the gap" between John McKnight, Peter Block and Tom Mosgaller (with comments from other ABCD Faculty) on TalkShoe. Simply go to the TalkShoe websiteand scroll down to Episode 28 from April 7, 2015.

We have otherconversations, blogs and eventstaking place around this topic. Feel free to join or respond to any of these. You are also welcome to start your own conversation or to share your thoughts on this topic in a blog.

What else is happening on ABCD in Action?

Join conversations, share your ideas and stories, ask questions, connect with each other....


There are several ABCD-relatedlearningopportunitiesand events coming up. Be sure to check these out and feel free to post your own.

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