April Doner
I'm an ABCD practitioner, storyteller / roving illustrator and coach / consultant based in Indianapolis, IN. I was drawn to community and knowing peoples' gifts from a very young age, but found the words that matched my passion in college in 2005 when my favorite Sociology professor handed me the "big green book" (McKnight & Kretzmann's original ABCD book.) I practice ABCD in my own neighborhood and most recently have been leading a national project coaching capturing learnings from museums and libraries who are engaging with their communities using an ABCD framework. I have a wonderful 3 year old daughter and also enjoy exploring how ABCD helps parents, children and families thrive through my own experiments in cultivating neighborly mutuality in my own life.

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SKB & SEFARE video music BlackGateStudioI MET THIS ARTIST and the community of creative young people in Chicago who made this video possible "randomly" -- through a conversation in which i simply asked about a person's gifts as I was paying for my meal at a local cafe. Then I accepted an invitation to a music video debut being held the next night by this fellow, Marco and his group of musician/artist friends.Here's a little write up I did of my experience. I keep it as a fine memory of how much abundance there is to be found when you begin asking and listening for it... and, how much fun you can have!~SKB ROK is an incredibly talented hip hop lyricist from Chicago who I encountered during an adventure in community-roving with my friend De'Amon last weekend. I saw him perform and the debut of this video at Black Gate Studios, an impressive example of the power of young artists working together with a shared passion for music, social change, and community. This video represents a collaborative asset-based creation by a group of these artists through the Studios.His work communicates the struggle to create beauty amidst survival, spirituality, and a call for peace and an end social and political injustice. In an interview he shares his approach to his rapping: Doin whats been done is borin, and trying to produce the future is pretentious. Its only about the now. It aint about the things in yo life. Its about rappin about how you feel about those things in yo life, how you interpret those things, and what you do wit em.He raps: They cant break my design / I been here before time / and Im gonna write my own book in history / Leave all of my troubles behind / and let the universe guide / me to the form of creation I was meant to beI share this because I'm limitlessly inspired by the spirit of people like SKB and the folks at Black Gate Studios who strive to lift up the beautiful, the good and the energetic using their own amazing skills and talents, and in community with one another.[interview: http://theblackgatestudios.com/?p=803][Black Gate Studios: http://theblackgatestudios.com/][contact: sefare79@hotmail.com]