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Rachel Haxtema
Rachel Haxtema
2 years ago
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Hi friends -

I'm proposing a listening conversation 'campaign' and gift inventory of a large congregation in the Pacific Northwest and I'd love to know if anyone has done something like this in the past 5-7 years, especially in a larger congregation. I'm really excited about the possibilities for people to take time to listen to each other and discover/re-discover gifts present in the community and dream big about new connections and energy. I think this will be a great antidote to the disconnection and frustrations people have in the Covid/Post-Covid landscape. 

I've also posted in the "Asset-Mapping and Gift Inventory" Section of the forum as well - since it's both/and.

I'm using resources I've found in the ABCD handbooks and in the Institute resources - especially the Asset Based Strategies for Faith Communities Handbook that ABCD Institute produced in 2002. The examples I know of (esp. Broadway Christian/Mike Mather and DeAmon Harges) and other examples from the ABCD Institute resources are now all over 10 years old... I'm sure these communities continue to do great things... and the written info I can find is now a bit dated. 

Let me know if your church/congregation has done anything like this, what you learned, what you wish you had known/tried, etc.! Share your insights - here or directly to me: rachel . haxtema at gmail . com (no spaces/use at symbol etc.)


John Hamerlinck
John Hamerlinck
last year
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Hi Rachel. You might want to look at Luther snow's book, The Power of Asset Mapping: How Your Congregation Can Act on its Gifts.

Luther has been working with congregations for years.