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Onovughakpo Sonia Odije
Onovughakpo Sonia Odije
12 years ago
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I am an M.SC student (Public Health)investigating theextent to whichFemale Genital Mutilation/ Cutting (FGM/C)affects sexual functionin women.

Reserach evidence suggest that FGM/Cinvolves excision of the sensitive sexual organs in women and it issuggested to cause grave health consequence with long term effect. It is a practice common to major parts of Africa, some parts of Asia, parts of the Middle East and amongst immigrant community.

Since FGM/C is rooted in culture, norms and traditions of practising community, a partnership approach/ collaboration with the communities could bring about tremendous change.

If so, how can we engage the community especially the men and certainfigure of authorities to bring about change..

Comments, ideas and opinions are welcome.

Thank you.

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