ABCD and homelessness

Alistair jewell
Alistair jewell
11 years ago
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Hi all,

I work with homeless people in North West England and am currently conducting PhD research into how ABCD can be most successfully used a tool to engage the hardest to reach groups of street homeless. During my years of working with homeless people I have become increasingly concerned by the general outlook among those who create policy and the homeless themselves that they are always 'in need' and powerless and incapable of improving their own situations, as either individuals or a group. I have been successfully using the approach of ABCD and appreciative inquiry to enage with individuals and motivate them to use their skills to help others as well as themselves and would be very grateful if any one could point in the direction of any ABCD studies that are specifically linked to homeless groups. I will continue to post how my research is going and and hopefully be able to contribute with some evidence towards which tools assist in engaging with street homeless to access and use ABCD as a bridge to working towards a better future.



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Ron Dwyer-Voss
Ron Dwyer-Voss
11 years ago
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HI Alistair!

Thank you for being willing to share your research. ABCD is not a well researched field, so every bit helps! I don't know of any research in the US along these lines although many shelter programs have adopted ABCD or its principles in the way they operate. Rev. Damon Lynch at New Prospect Baptist Church inCincinnati is 'legendary' for the way ABCD gifts inventories changed they way their overnight shelter worked and the experience of the people whoparticipatedin it. Where I live the Sacramento Housing Allianceactivelyengages people experiencing homelessness in policy and advocacy work. They have had some exciting results. The St. John's Women's Shelter is very engaged with the homeless mom's who live there - not so much on policy as on economic development.

Glad you are here!