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Dawn MacLeod
Dawn MacLeod
5 years ago
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Hello Nice People,

I have recently started working on my Master's degree in the field of Community Development. I have to design my own final project and have come up with the following ideas. Could you please let me know if you think this is do-able and what useful resources are available? Thank you so much.

- articulate an understanding of ABCD, issues, implications

- articulate ABCD in the context of my small village of Brussels, Ontario, Canada, population 1,100

- demonstrate gaps between assets and needs of this village

- provide suggestions for continued co-operation between different groups

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John Hamerlinck
John Hamerlinck
5 years ago
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Hi Dawn, I would suggest a project that is applied, rather than merely theoretical. Do you have a small group of folks who are interested in improving the quality of life in your community in some way? You could create a vision, identify your capacities (assets), connect them in creative ways, and act. Regardless of how small a project you take on, you will have planted some seeds, and deepened relationships. Your academic project could be a case study focused on how your work in the community was reflected in the basic principles of ABCD. Good luck.