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Ron Dwyer-Voss
11/07/13 09:28:11AM @ron-dwyer-voss:

Next, wed like to know in what ways, if any, you are involved in the community.

  1. How often during the past year did you participate in the following community activities?





Participated in a community, resident, or tenant association

Volunteered to help others in the community

Participated in a community improvement project, such as a clean-up, community gardening, or other beautification effort

Supported local business events, such as a sidewalk sale or shop local day

Participated in an organized community social event, such as a festival, block party, or other celebration

Supported a local political organization, candidate, or ballot initiative

Participated in an advocacy group, such as a school parent-teacher association, environmental organization, or labor union

Personally took action to improve the community, such as reporting a hazard or contacting authorities about an incident

  1. Right now, how willing are you to become involved in the following activities in your community? Would you say you are very willing, willing, somewhat willing, or not that willing?






Ron Dwyer-Voss
11/07/13 09:28:02AM @ron-dwyer-voss:

There are several NeighborWorks organizations in MN, IA and WI. Southwest Minnesota Housing Partnership is probably closest to you ( They all have done community impact measurement survey and community observation work in this past year. Here are a couple more questions recommended by NeighborWorks America to measure empowerment related impact.

Deb Wisniewski
09/27/13 10:30:49AM @deb-wisniewski:

Hi Connie -

Welcome to ABCD in Action! I'm so glad to see that you've jumped right in and started a discussion. Let us know if you have any questions about participating in this online community. We're glad you're here!


PS We find that adding a profile photo helps members connect to each other. Please add a photo of yourself or something that represents you. Thanks!