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02/02/23 10:52:22AM
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Who Are You? Why are you here?

ABCD and Inclusive Communities/People with Disabilities

Hi Everyone,

My name is Peter Gottert.  I first learned about ABCD 3 years ago when a colleague mentioned that a program I was working on "sounded like ABCD."   I went on the ABCD website, watched several John McKnight and Cormac Russell videos and became an enthusiastic ABCD advocate.  Since then, I've been working on a USAID-funded food security program in Madagascar.  We are learning how to design an effective social and behavior change strategy based on ABCD principles. The project includes health, nutrition, hygiene, agriculture and resiliency activities in 1000 rural communities. 

We call our approach "ABCD at Scale."  Our learning curve is steep.  I would love to connect with anyone who has employed ABCD principles to large scale programs in Africa.