• ABCD Global Gatherings

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    To learn about upcoming Global Gatherings, check out these Events announcements (If nothing shows up at this link, it means we don't currently have anything scheduled. Please keep checking back.)

    What's the value of having lively, authentic conversations with people you've never met about questions and topics that matter?

    This is what we've been testing out with our ABCD Global Gatherings. Based on the feedback of people who have participated so far, it's been a truly remarkable experience.... an opportunity to connect with people with extensive ABCD experience, as well as with "newbies". Everyone shares their ideas and questions, their stories and solutions.

    We'll continue to hold these Global Gatherings almost every month. We'll have guest hosts and specific topics or questions to explore each time. 

    The times will vary since there's no one time that works for every time zone. When possible, we'll hold two global gatherings on the same topic, during two different times of the days so that we be open to more timezones.

    Since these gatherings are conversation-based, we will NOT be recording them for later viewing. However, we are exploring ways to capture the rich conversations that are being held.

    Please note that you must be a member of ABCD in Action to sign up and participate in the Gathering. This is just one of the many benefits of being a member! If you aren't already a member, you sign up here

    If you have any ideas you want to share, questions about the gatherings or just aren't sure if you're a member, contact us at abcd@abcdinaction.org

    Check out upcoming gatherings!