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Global Gatherings Resources: Community Economic Development

By , 2021-11-16

On Oct. 13 & Oct. 20, I had the pleasure of co-hosting two ABCD Global Gatherings that were focused on this question: How Can Community Residents and their Associations Be Leaders of Economic Development in their Communities? I'd like to thank Gord Cunningham, from the Coady Institute in Canada, for being my co-host for both Gatherings. 


Leaky Bucket (Gord Cunningham and Coady Institute)

Resources from Yogesh Ghore, a Coady Institute colleague of Gord's, has developed quite a body of work (now being used widely in many countries) with groups that support small producers in discovering opportunities for them to squeeze more value out of the supply chains in which they operate.

Other Community-Driven Resources and Stories  (Thank you, John Hamerlinck for sharing!)

Do you have any resources, stories, etc about Community-Driven Economic Development? Feel free to share below!

From Deb Wisniewski, ABCD in Action Lead Host

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