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Deb Wisniewski
05/21/12 08:53:40PM @deb-wisniewski:

Hi Jennifer -

I saw your question about environmental projects using ABCD. That would be a great question to post in thediscussion forum. I encourage you to post this to see if anyone else has done work in this area... And thanks for all the other posts you've contributed since you've joined - it's great to have you here...


Ron Dwyer-Voss
05/16/12 10:49:14AM @ron-dwyer-voss:

Hi Jennifer,

Welcome to ABCD in Action! Great to have someone from The Field of my favorite places when I lived in Chicago!

I hope you will share by posting some of your experiences in applying ABCD approaches to environmental issues. Sometimes the best way to get feedback and ideas from folks here is to share an experience and then ask them to share theirs.

ABCD is all about inclusion, and building community from the premise that there is no one we don't need, and everyone has something to contribute. Let us know if you have any questions about participating.


On behalf of the stewardship team