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Nancy Saiz
@nancy-saiz • 7 years ago
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Nancy Saiz
@nancy-saiz • 7 years ago
I appreciate the new ABCD home, very user friendly.

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April Doner
10/17/12 11:05:40PM @april-doner:

Hi Nancy,

Welcome to the ABCD in Action community!

I'm glad you joined us. Your interest in engaging people of color is one close to my heart--thank you for bringing it to our group. I hope you'll make some valuable connections and perhaps share your own stories, ideas and learning with us regarding this important issue.

Also, I'd like to encourage you to add an image for your profile so we can all see your smiling face and perhaps connect even better as a community. If you're a visual geek like me, you may also enjoy dressing up your profile to reflect your personality, interests, etc. Or--post some videos that move you, share your thoughts on a blog, or in whatever way you like most, please enjoy and use this space to your heart's content.

I want you to know that you can always contact any member of the stewardship team with suggestions, ideas, questions or concerns about the site.

Thank you again for joining--enjoy!!!

warm regards,


Sarasota, FL

on behalf of the Stewardship Team