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Deb Wisniewski
06/17/13 11:52:21AM @deb-wisniewski:

Hi Sharon & welcome to ABCD in Action -

I'll try to answer your questions about teaching ABCD principles... The simplest answer is yes, of course! We encourage people to use, share and apply ABCD in whatever context they live and work and play in. Sharing what ABCD is helps spread the word about a different way of looking at people and the communities we live in. So feel free to build it into whatever program you'd like to develop - I would just encourage you to be sure to represent the principles accurately. Let us know if you have any questions about that.

One more thing... since you are not on the list of faculty or fellows with the ABCD institute, you shouldn't claim that you are in any way "certified" or "qualified" in ABCD. At this time, there is no certification process or a "train-the-trainer" process for ABCD.

I hope this answers the questions you might have about teaching people about ABCD. Please contact me if you have more.

Also, let us know if you have any questions about participating in this community. We're glad you're here.


On behalf of the stewardship team