Public Health Policies and ABCD

4 months ago
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Hi Everyone!

I am just wondering if anyone is familiar with any public health units (or similar-level government institutions) incorporating ABCD or strength based approaches into their policy.

Context: I work for the Tamarack Institute and one of our clients, a public health unit, is looking for examples of how to incorporate ABCD into policy.

I've done some digging on Google and haven't found anything substantial. Any leads or ideas would be greatly appreciated! 

Thanks in advance!


Allison Lourash
Allison Lourash
3 months ago
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Hi Connor- I have had success embedding ABCD into several key aspects of a unit in a public health departments. I think ABCD lends itself to the focus on equity that is the focus of Public Health 3.0-  with examples like the expansion of the role of Community Health Workers, paying residents for their participation/time on projects and committees, and the focus on placemaking in community health.  Happy to chat more and I know others have experience as well- Allison