Books, Websites, Social Networking Sites that give insights and/or advice on increasing capacity and connection in rural areas.

Wendy McCaig
Wendy McCaig
one week ago
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What a wonderful list!  Thank you for sharing.  I can't wait to learn more from you about your work in rural communities and how these resources have been helpful. I came to this work through my work with churches. I have an MDiv from Baptist Theological Seminary but never pursued ordination and instead began doing community development work in partnership with faith communities which eventually led me to a broader base of multi-sector clients. It is weird that most of my church coaching clients are Methodists and Episcopalians and not a single Baptist but I am not giving up on them yet.

The link between the missional church movement and ABCD is how I fell into this work.  There is a clear connection as it relates to loving our neighbors and a focus on place and I built my first training off Luke 10.  However, I have found it difficult sometimes to work with church planters who put the church at the center and thier need to grow a church above the concerns of the citizens and the desire to strengthen the community apart from the church.  I would love to know your experience with this intersection.  I have some fantastic church clients who totally get it but they seem to me to be more the exception than the rule but maybe I am just a little jaded.