How to set up an initial group to carry out the mapping etc?

Ben Stollery
Ben Stollery
2 years ago
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So far, a few months into a part-time community builder role, I've got to know a number of the key players in the neighbourhood (church, community association etc) and gained an idea of the range of activities and physical assets. From the models of ABCD I've encountered, setting up a team of residents or community leaders to carry the work out into the community seems to feature - particularly in achieving the detailed mapping that includes individuals' abilities and skills.

Could you advise how to go about this (is it about inviting those contacts I've made so far, outlining something of the theory of ABCD and what it means in practice - initially mapping?). Are there any good templates/practical supports around that could support this (I note there's a powerpoint presentation about ABCD on the ABCD Institute's resources page)? 

Fasoranti Damilola
Fasoranti Damilola
one month ago
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Hello @ben-stollery I am curious to know if you were able to sort through setting up a group and the direction you took in your community building role.

This could be useful for future reference for others that will need this information in their context..