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Ronald Winston Harris
Ronald Winston Harris
one month ago
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I am the newly appointed Member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) for Community Development in the City of Johannesburg. I will be delighted to listen to ideas and to look at future trends in the Community Development space.

Letlhage Mochadibane
Letlhage Mochadibane
one week ago
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Congratulations in the appointment and certainly I would like to share with you a proposal that seeks to stimulate community participation in the townships of Johannesburg with the intention to revive and enable hidden resources.  We believe the assets within the community may heighten a collective desire to explore talents, skills and shift paradigms and attitudes towards existing facilities and resources.  The resultant passion shall be channelled to a community cohesive programme generating economic activities to improve livelihoods and thus become partners in the building of the city's social development.  Please indicate how we can pursue the discussion for a detailed presentation.  My contact details are (mobile) 0823296268  or    

Janine Ward
Janine Ward
3 days ago
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Hello Ronald, welcome to the post of Community Development in Joburg! I recently relocated to KZN but I would love to connect you with my ABCD colleagues in the city to engage with you. I have worked with COGTA and UJ for a number of years and we have a growing family of ABCD (Asset-based Community-led Development) practitioners who would be a wonderful asset for you to connect with. Prof Hanna Nel at UJ has been lecturing on ABCD for many years - her email address is  The contact person at COGTA is Conrad Jardine - email address There are many more people, but Hanna and Conrad are the key contacts and they can link you with others if and when you want to expand the circle. 

All the best with your new post - I think it's an exciting time for community development in South Africa - we can turn the tide!


Janine - my email is if you would like to connect with me