Denise Farrugia
I am passionate about communities!

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what are your gifts and talents?:

I see talents in everyone! I have the gift to connect with people and find the best of them :).

why do you want to join abcd in action?:

I work for the Maltese Social Welfare Services Foundation and I am working with my stakeholders to adopt the ABDC framework. I believe that communities are our partners not our clients. I want to see ABDC methodology used all over Malta.
I am passionate about communities!

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Michelle Dunscombe
12/10/21 02:12:22AM @michelle-dunscombe:

Hi Denise,

Welcome to ABCD in Action. It's great to have you with us.

You will find a wonderful range of information on the site including upcoming events, blogs, videos, forums on a range of topics and more. You will also find ABCD Publications over on the ABCD Institute website that you may find useful.

Please feel free to reach out to members, join a forum conversation or ask any ABCD questions. 

On behalf of the ABCD in Action team enjoy exploring the site.