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04/13/16 05:21:35AM @dee-brooks:

Hi Ian,

Yes, I saw that notification come through & Michelle welcome you there - that's great!



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04/05/16 03:44:17AM @dee-brooks:

Hi Ian,

Great to have you here with us!

Sounds like you are involved in some very interesting work! It would be great to catch up when I'm around Sydney!

There's a few of us here who work throughout the Asia Pacific and you can join the ABCD in Actiongroup as well for a more global perspective!

Welcome to the Network!



Michelle Dunscombe
04/11/16 10:42:33PM @michelle-dunscombe:

Hi Ian,

Welcome to ABCD in Action, it's great to have another Aussie join our community, I'm based in Victoria.

You will find many resources, stories and conversation on the site so take some time to have a browse.

You may be interested in Lauren Butler's, 2013 post Infrastructure/technology for basic necesities. I suggest you connect with Graeme Stuart who is based at the University of Newcastle's Family Action Centre, check out hisSustaining Communitywebsite. There are many organisations and practitioners using ABCD throughout the Asia Pacific that you could connect with and I'm sure many would be more than happy to share their learnings with you.

When you get a moment please upload a profile pic as it's always good to put a face to a name.

Feel free to start a conversation or share your story with the ABCD in Action community.

If I can help you further feel free to message me.


Michelle Dunscombe

on behalf of the Stewardship team