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Submissions Are Open For The 2022 ABCD Unconference

By Michelle Dunscombe, 2022-05-16


Hi Everyone,

On behalf of the Unconference global organising team, we are thrilled to announce submissions to present at this years ABCD Unconference in October 2022.

This year you can host a range of session styles as per the following list:

  • Wellness Session (e.g. yoga, stretching, meditation, dance)
  • Creative Session (e.g. music, poetry, drawing, video, or other visual and performing arts)
  • Casual Session (e.g. coffee lounge or chat)
  • Participant-Driven Conversations (e.g. open space technology; where participants select conversation topics; group brainstorming or problem solving)
  • Lightly-facilitated Conversations or Discussions (e.g. participants engaging with questions from the host team; world cafe; group discussion)
  • Panel Discussion (e.g. a group of individuals responding to prepared questions and questions from the session participants)
  • Show and Tell (e.g. sharing a practical tool, resource, approach, etc. or a case study)
  • TED Talk (e.g. presentation of information, lecture, storytelling, narrative from ones’ experiences)

Your session could be:

  • 5 - 15 minutes
  • 30 minutes
  • 60 minutes
  • 90 minutes
  • 120 minutes

Click HERE to share your submission with the team

Call for Stories: Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) edition of IACD’s Practice Insights Magazine

The next issue of Practice Insights Magazine will focus on the Stories of ABCD, in collaboration with the ABCD Institute.

What is ABCD? Asset-based Community Development (ABCD) is a globally adopted approach that recognizes and builds on the strengths, gifts, talents and resources of individuals and communities to create strong, inclusive and sustainable communities.

Stories come in many forms and we would like to invite a range of storytelling mediums; written, visual, recorded, embodied which respond to the following calling question: What are the ABCD stories that reflect this current critical moment in our time?

Suggested story topic examples may include, but are not limited to:

  • Building on the strengths of kids
  • Nurturing relationships online
  • ABCD and mobilising for change
  • Pandemic community building
  • Overcoming digital discrimination
  • Starting with What’s Strong not What’s Wrong
  • Human rights-based approaches

We are asking IACD members and other interested contributors to be creative in responding to this “Call for Stories”. Your story can be shared as:

  • Written story / article
  • Poetry, prose or music
  • Videos; short videos, minutevideos, animations
  • Images; graphic recording, photography, infographics

If you would like to submit a contribution for consideration, please share your story or idea in 200 words or less by Friday 4th December, 2020.

Guest Editors Dee Brooks and Michelle Dunscombe (with assistance from Anastasia Matvievskaya and Paul Lachapelle) will coordinate this Special Issue.  

Editors will respond to all proposed submissions by Friday 25th December 2020; invited contributors will then have until Friday 15th January 2021 to submit their full contribution. The submissions will undergo a peer review process and authors will then have two weeks to address any suggested edits.   

Please help us by sharing with your networks. We look forward to receiving your contributions! 

Please direct your questions or submit your story ideas to Dee Brooks at: dee.brooks@iacdglobal.org