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03/24/16 06:52:07PM @dee-brooks:

Hi Raziya,

There are a few different toolkits on the web - as Michelle mentioned, a Learning Conversation format might be a good place to start?


Michelle Dunscombe
03/22/16 05:14:37AM @michelle-dunscombe:

Bula Raziya,

Great to have you join us.

Did you cover any ABCD tools in your studies? You might like to start your pilot with Learning Conversations



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03/20/16 03:34:35PM @dee-brooks:

Hi Raziya,

It's great to hear that ABCD is in the Fijian curriculum! Fantastic!

What is PGDPH? Do you have a link to it?

I'm so glad ABCD has inspired you to have discussions with your community - you probably already do a lot of it and there are many "toolkits" around on the web - have a look in the 'useful links' area on the main page!

I would suggest you take your email address off your profile (where you have it in answer to the question 'your website') so you don't get spammed!

It's great to have you here - feel free to leave questions for others on the Forum!